Golf tip from our PGA Professional,

I have been teaching all ages and abilities for over 30 years and really enjoy seeing my students get better throughout the season.

As good as it is to hit a long drive, it's just as important to hit a good chip!
They count the same on the scorecard- one stroke .

Chipping tips -
1. Always keep a loose grip for feel around the greens.
2. Left wrist should stay straight through your chip shots.
3. Your weight should be more on your front foot a little more (60/40) so that all your momentum is going towards the shot .
4. Don't just use your sand/lob wedge around the greens...if there isn't much between you and the hole, getting the ball on the green with a putting type stroke and a 7/8 iron for your club selection should make it easier for getting the ball close.
5. Keep your lower body quiet. You are swinging the club more with the shoulders. The less movement, the easier it is to hit a quality chip shot.

Lastly, players ask me how do you know how hard to hit it ?

The simple answer is practice. The most underutilized place at the golf course is the short game practice area yet this is where all the great PGA, LPGA and PGA Champions Tour players do their most work.

I hope this helps and I am available this season to help you get to the next level through all aspects of your game.

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